Final Fantasy X - I am so glad they are remastering this game. This game was really my first Final Fantasy game out of the series. So I guess I’m being a little biased when I say that this is the best Final Fantasy game lol. I don’t care if Tidus is a cry baby, I still love him! The development for the remaster is starting to look really good. Although I do have to say that I am a bit disappointed that this game is not getting a full quality upgrade. I was expecting the game to have the same quality as Final Fantasy XIII but I guess that would be too much money and time. Although, if they DIDN’T make FFXIII-2 or Lightening Returns, I think they could of put more into this remaster. Regardless, I am soooo thankful and happy that they chose this game to be remastered. I can’t say the same about Final Fantasy X-2 though, I really did not like that game. 

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